Christian Evers, Zen anchored artist who sometimes confuses ink with tea;)

...but mostly combines the dynamics of Jap. ink painting with illustrative comic art.

Conclusion & deepening at the end of a working day...

„Through a strong life crisis, which I went through in 2007/09, I received access and liberation in Zen. Since then, the Zen - practice has become an integral part of everyday life.

Only after overcoming this crisis did my life gain depth and meaning. All this flowed directly into the art and helped me in the works to understand my own intention.”

„And last but not least, the Zen influence led to traditional Japanese ink painting, which I absorbed like a sponge and reinterpreted for myself.”


„I focus more on the work in the studio and direct contact with the customer than on the presence in public. In a small circle, however, private exhibitions are held at regular intervals.”