Sansaro Restaurant München
sansaro art box, München, Amalienpassage

"In the Spirit of Zen", Februar - April 2024

Drawing on Zen practice, the viewer is invited to immerse themselves in the present moment and experience the delicate balance of timeless stillness and fleeting, living phenomena.

Evers' aim is to capture both aspects of the moment in his paintings in order to create images that are at peace with themselves despite their dynamism.

His style is a fusion of illustrative, high-contrast comic art and Japanese ink painting, which he studied like a sponge in order to reinterpret them for his artistic expression.

"In the Spirit of Zen" aims to encourage the creation of an open space of stillness beyond the image, in which contrasts are harmonized.

During the exhibition period, the exhibits of the "Zen series" will be completely exchanged 3 times.

The list shown here will expand in parallel with the works currently on display, so that you will always know which works are on site in the art box.

Pprice list available via e-mail. Simply write "Price list" in the subject line of your e-mail and send it to

Feel free to arrange a personal meeting on site!

currently in the art box:
"In the Spirit of Zen" - Vol. 1

The Dancing Tree Nr.2, 2023

Ink, gouache, watercolor on ground. drawing board (50 x 60cm), wooden frame, wax varnish

Inner Space, 2023

Gouache on ground. wood
(60 x 43cm), lacquered wooden frame. wooden frame, wax varnish

Open Shintō Shrine, 2023

Gouache on ground. wood
(60 x 43cm), lacquer. wooden frame, wax finis

Geisha Nr. 11 (Trust and Scepticism), 2022

Ink on canvas (60 x 40cm)

Peaceful Morning, 2023

Ink, watercolor, copper paint on ground. drawing board (70x 50cm), lacquer. wooden frame, wax varnish

Relaxed Focus, 2022

Ink on canvas (60 x 80cm)

Christian Evers,

Zenscape No.3, 2023

Ink, gouache and watercolor on rice paper, wooden frame (42 x 62cm), wax varnish