Jazz - Series

The Jazz series is a collection of painterly-abstract snapshots of musicians (especially in the Munich area) during their stage performance.

The focus is on the enthusiasm and the characteristic - recognizable appearance of the musicians as well as the mood that is transmitted through the music and represents the whole scene as a vibrating unity.

The reduction of details creates a connection between acoustic perception and visual transmission, which captures the musicians, sound, rhythm, audience and surroundings and conveys a uniform impression to the viewer.

The series is seen as an audiovisual project, as vocals, tones, rhythms and melodies directly influence the brushwork during the painting process.

A constant challenge, as in all the other series, is to maintain a certain accuracy despite the dynamism and spontaneity of the paint application in order to depict the musicians in a recognizable way despite all the abstraction.

The Jazz series is a tribute to the great musicians and jazz lovers. It is a large, ongoing collection and is regularly exhibited at various locations in Munich, which is why most of the exhibits are not for sale.