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Collection Munich / Italy

Short version (exhibition text 2024)

In this series, Christian Evers captures built works of art and sights around Munich and Italy in order to reinterpret them in a painterly way.

Through his illustrative and dynamic painting style, which is strongly influenced by Japanese ink painting and comic art, he depicts architectural buildings, sculptures and monuments in a lively and contrasting way.

Light and shadow interact with the entire surroundings and are deliberately used as a graphically enhancing stylistic device to merge the main motif with the entire backdrop into a vibrant unity.

The visitor is encouraged to view the "contemporary witnesses", which are already part of everyday life, from a new and lively perspective, because despite the clear depiction of the motif, many areas of the picture are only hinted at in order to give the viewer the freedom to fill in the missing areas themselves and let the scene breathe. This leads to an active interaction with the work, which makes the depicted and originally solid buildings appear very lively and real.