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Fictional Worlds

This series was born out of the desire to create places with a very special atmosphere, such as you might find in dreams, fantasy or movie sets. These are archaic, timeless landscapes that are situated somewhere between the mundane and the extraterrestrial. Characterized by rock formations* and often unreal painted lighting, the first sub-series, the Unreal series, was created, which resembles our world in terms of the backdrop, but at the same time resembles a strange visit to an alien planet

As in all the other series, the incentive for me is to trigger complex feelings and ways of looking at things. On the one hand, the pictures seem exciting and for some viewers sometimes threatening...at the same time they radiate a calm - meditative serenity, in which others discover a place of well-being for themselves. It is these contrasts that I try to unite in my works. They are often preceded by feelings that create a certain mood in me, which in turn form images in my mind's eye that give rise to these fantasy worlds.

As long as this image in my mind's eye and the associated feeling are still clear and fresh, it is either painted in the studio or quickly sketched.

If you like, the world, the backdrop, serves as a transmitter for the subjective perception of the viewer, who, when the analytical thinking stops, is given the opportunity to resonate with it. When this happens, the artwork and the viewer have reached a deeper level.

Some of the works in this series also incorporate abstracted natural landscapes from reference material, which are mixed with free fictional interpretations. But mainly they are pure fantasy worlds, which is why I chose the title "Fictional Worlds". Here are also the sub-series: Unreal, Horizon-Line and Planetsides are represented.

* Stones and rocks have a special meaning for me and can be found again and again in this series. Their calm, sublime and robust - timeless presence emanates a quiet power that is transferred to people. Even if these forms will eventually disappear, they are of the greatest permanence in our world.