Female Aesthetics

This series was born out of the desire to create places with a very special atmosphere, such as you might find in dreams, fantasy or movie sets.

These are archaic, timeless landscapes that are situated somewhere between the mundane and the extraterrestrial. Characterized by recurring rock formations and painted unreal lighting, the backdrops resemble a visit to an alien planet.

The series triggers complex feelings and perspectives. On the one hand, the pictures seem exciting and, for some viewers, sometimes threatening...at the same time, they radiate a meditative calm in which others discover a place of peace for themselves.

Stones and rocks have a special meaning for Evers and can be found again and again in this series. Their strong, robust and timeless presence emanates a quiet power that is transferred to people. Evers observes rocks and figures with their own characteristics and vitality and attempts to capture their essence in his paintings. With a contrasting play of light and shadow and the aid of perspective, he emphasizes their presence on the painting surface. Even if these massive forms will eventually disappear, they are still of great permanence in our world and thus embody a touch of infinity, which Evers also tries to convey in this series.