„Most of the commissioned works are realized on the basis of photos sent to me. From motifs that support the corporate image and artfully set the scene...

...about vacation memories and leisure activities, my customers are more concerned with the impression than realism. It is the felt experience of a moment, what is behind the motif.

I try to empathize with the scene and "loosen" it up via dynamic painting to vividly highlight the expression and mood of the immediate moment.”

„But it is also fantasy paintings in the style of the fictional worlds from the gallery, which are gladly commissioned.”

In this example, a fictional coastal landscape with warm brown and red tones and the use of gold color was desired. Composition and image design were left to me, but it should also convey calm and dynamics at the same time.


„Every new order is individual, so also the pricing. After your request, I will contact you for further information and details. Subsequently, you will receive a cost estimate with an estimate of the time required.”