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Christian Evers
* 1980 in Wittingen, DE
lives, teaches and practices
in Munich, DE

Christian Evers, Künstler, Illustrator, Co-Management sansaro art box, C,Evers, c-evers.de, München Harlaching, Deutscher Maler

Artistic Education

Autodidactic self-study in drawing, painting, illustration and graphic design via specialized literature* and its implementation in practice. Continuous, focused practice and trail-and-error methods led over the years to desired results and recognition as a visual artist among collectors and art connoisseurs.

Recognized artist of the Haboku painting style of the 540-year-old Tenkei Sesshu painting school since 2023


Painting (focus on ink), illustration


Illustrative - dynamic painting (Loose Japanese ink painting combined with graphic - contrasting comic art)


Studio works (Developments of long series and collections), direct contact with collectors & interested parties

Awards / further activities

Co-Management sansaro art box (sponsored public art-project by Sushiya Ltd.)

Assignment of a Kanji character and naming (Zasei Sousetsu) according to a more than 500-year-old tradition of Zen painting by Tenkei Sesshu (2nd generation, heir and successor of the Sesshu ink painting school from the 16th century) and associated recognition as the first Western painter to be able to consciously apply and perfect the true Haboku painting method (sensitivity arising from Zen, to paint intuitively and yet unerringly).


2024 / In the Spirit of Zen Vol. 1 - 3, sansaro art box, Munich, DE (solo)
2023 / Private exhibitions (4), Munich, DE (solo)
2023 / Munich - Italia, Cafébar Limulus, Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, DE (solo)
2023 / Im Geist des Zen, Munich Arthouse - Event, München, DE (group)
2023 / Horizon Line, Privatausstellung, München - Grünwald, DE (solo)
2022 / Unreal, Privatausstellung, München - Harlaching, DE (solo)
2022 / O.A.4: Lebendige Stille Vol.2, München, DE
2022 / Lebendige Stille, Ärztehaus Harlaching, München, DE (solo)
2022 / Ink n´ Nature, München - Isar, DE (solo)
2021 / Meditative Welten, Privatausstellung, München - Grünwald, DE (solo)
2021 / O.A.3, Meditative Welten, München, DE
2020 / Küstenreihe, Privatausstellung, München - Harlaching, DE (solo)
2019 / O.A.1, München - Harlaching, DE


Works in national and international private collections (DE, FR, USA, EN)

Studio works / series

2024 - 25 / Collection Munich - Italy
2023 - 24 / Jazz-Series Vol.2 (upcoming)
2023 - 24 / Planetsides (upcoming)
2022 - 23 / Unreal (ongoing...)
2022 - 23 / Jazz-Series Vol.1
2022 - 23 / Board Lovers -Series
2021 - 22 / Kleine Kollektion der Nähe
2020 - 23 /Horizon Line (ongoing)
2018 - 22 / Figurative Aktstudien
2017 - 23 / Im Geist des Zen (onging...)

Projects / jobs

2023 / Illustrator: Finally: Tax Saving for Rich and Poor, Graphic Novel (i.A.)
2023 / Illustrator: Last Instance - Flames and Fire, CD-Cover (i.A.)
2023 / Illustrator: Roots Caravan - One, CD-Cover (i. A.)
2022 / Illustrator: Last Instance - Unchained Mind, CD cover and booklet
2020 / Author and illustrator: Christian kann nicht schlafen, comic book
2019 / Illustrator: Geschichten vom Förster Arthur, Kinderbuch f. d. d. Ulrichshof, Braunlage
2019 / Illustrator: Firmenauftritt, Ulrichshof Braunlage (Website)
2018 / Author and illustrator: Der Fluss, picture book (i.A.)
2016 / Author and illustrator: Wohin willst Du?, graphic novel (i.A.)
2016 / Author and illustrator: Zen und Nicht, graphic novel (i. A.)
2015 / Author and illustrator: Inner Lake, graphic novel (paused)
2008 / Musician and producer: madtools - Masterminds in Vain, CD album, Munich
2004 / Foundation of the instrumental music project: madtools (dissolved 2016)


Studio / Atelier:
Altersheimerstr. 18
81545 München

01522 / 7939718

*Book recommendations

The Theory and Practice of Perpective, G.A. Storey, A.R.A. | The Vilppu Drawing Manual, Glen Vilppu | Figure Drawing without a Model, Ron Tiner | A Guide to Better Figure Drawing, Cecile Hardy | Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing for all it´s Worth, Drawing the Head, Creative Illustration | Famous Artists Course, Famous Artists Schools, Inc., Westport, Connecticut | Line and Form, Walter Crane | Anatomy for the Artist, Sahrah Simblet | Bücher von Gottfried Bammes, Burne Hogarth, Lichen Zhang...