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Dynamic quick sketches

„The challenge for me is to maintain a certain accuracy despite the dynamic - fast brushwork. No time for details and long considerations...rather an intuitive translation of the immediate impressions.”

In the process, about 70 - 80 percent of the drawings spring from memory and are improvised spontaneously, such as light and shadow, as well as the drapery of the clothes.

This allows me to capture the scenes shortly and to "consolidate" and further elaborate the style.”

„The idea to publish also the sketch material resulted among other things from many nice conversations with the passengers of the Munich subway during my drawing exercises and the growing public interest in style and technique.”

„The brain is pretty good at filling in the missing areas. This is a certain attraction for me, because it leaves a lot of room for one's own interpretations and actively involves the viewer.”

„As simplified and minimal as these sketches appear, they provide insight into the essence of my artistic expression in terms of method, style and technique.”

„Many art enthusiasts are taken with the dynamic - loose - fresh sketches and receive regular updates from the training routine via email. With pleasure I also provide you with material!”